Digiprog III DP3 Programmer
Digiprog III DP3 Programmer
US$1,599.99  US$310.00
VOLVO truck diagnostic tool VCADS3
VOLVO truck diagnostic tool VCADS3
US$2,850.00  US$2,595.00
MOTO-1 Motorcycle Electronic Diagnostic TOOL Update Online
MOTO-1 Motorcycle Electronic...
US$1,249.00  US$920.00
MOTO-BMW Motorcycle-specific diagnostic scanner
MOTO-BMW Motorcycle-specific...
US$949.00  US$670.00

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Thkniing like that is really amazing


Mine is an ACTRON scanner. It will scan, show the code nubemr and tell what the code means. Several times it has pointed me in the exact direction. Once in a while it gives me a general idea of where the problem is.I bought mine at a Pep Boys for around $150.00 on sale. This was several years ago so not sure what they are now. I swear by mine.ADDITIONAL DETAILS:I'm pretty sure any auto parts store would carry them. You might even check out Walmart or Target. They may be cheaper there.The one I have is model #CP9135. It gives the code # (ie P0170) and below that, tells what it means (ie. Fuel Trim Malfunction, Bank 1) Mine is about 4 or 5 years old. Not sure if they still make this exact model, but it has been a good one.Hope this helps and good luck


Used cars are where it's at. Why pay full price when the car depreciates coilnderabsy in value as soon as you buy it? My husband and I are very happily payment free with no intention to buy another vehicle until one of ours just can't be fixed anymore. We probably have a good 5-10 years left in each of our vehicles unless our needs change. Gas Mileage: keep your oil changed regularly, your tires pumped up, and run some fuel injector cleaner through a tank of gas every 6 months to get the best possible gas mileage.Maintenance: After the warranty on your car is up, ask around town to find a good, trustworthy and affordable small-time mechanic. This can save you a lot of money on repairs, and you will get the truth on what is really necessary and what can be put off a bit longer.


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