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Free Download ClearMem :: Free Up Your RAM

Title: ClearMem :: Free Up Your RAM

Genre: Utilities


Smorb Software


Smorb Software

Release Date: 11 Jul, 2018

About This Software

ClearMem was created to do 1 thing: Clear out RAM that is being wasted by your OS + unoptimized programs.


  • Have you ever wondered why your PC’s RAM usage is often extremely high, despite not actively using any intensive application or games?
  • Are your browsers using all your available RAM?
  • Have you ever had Windows give you the dreaded “Out of memory” error?
  • Have you ever wondered if your Steam games would run better if you had more memory available for them to run?

You’re not alone!

By default, Windows operates in such a way that it gives memory (RAM) to anything and everything that needs it and then allows that application the full power to use your RAM poorly. Windows is neutral and doesn’t care if or which application uses all your RAM, regardless if it a web browser, an inefficient application, or your favorite Steam game.

ClearMem allows you to regain control of your RAM and let your game use as much RAM as needed!

Simply drag/dropping your Steam game shortcut into the ClearMem application will activate ClearMem and immediately free up your RAM as well as automatically launch your Steam game, thus giving your Steam game all the RAM your system can manage to give it.

Games use RAM for the following:

  • Fully pre-loading game maps (versus partial loading) which can impact FPS
  • Caching of game graphics which can impact FPS
  • Increasing game load-times (loading from RAM is faster than HD loading)
  • Store and retrieving game variable data far faster than your HDD/SSD which can impact FPS

RAM is the physical component that stores game graphics, variables, sounds, and overall content. When you launch a game on your PC, the game can run faster when more components of the game are loaded into your RAM. RAM is the preferred place to hold working game content (graphics, files, etc) because RAM is considerably faster than HDD/SSD.

In short, more free RAM = more resources for your games.

ClearMem examines your operating system and builds two internal lists:

    (a) What is non-critical to your OS?
    (b) What is critical to your OS?

ClearMem then sends specialized commands to your non-critical processes (list a) that effectively tells the processes to “Release your physical memory used NOW”. This causes these processes to release their physical working-set memory used, commit certain amounts of data to your page-file, and considerably frees up your available RAM.

In addition, ClearMem understands what processes are critical to your Windows OS remaining stable (list b). ClearMem will bypass those processes, enabling them to continue to operate normally. This is critical to enabling your OS to continue to run smoothly without any OS slowdowns.

The end result is more free RAM!

  • Clear out your RAM with ONE simple button click!
  • Direct Steam Integration – Drag/Drop any Steam shortcut to auto-engage ClearMem and Launch your game!
  • Full Web Browser automatic RAM purging – Never let your browsers eat your RAM again!
  • Works with all non-Steam games including Fortnite, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and more!
  • Works with all non-game applications including Photoshop, Video Editors, and more!
  • Full Logfile Support – See the results of ClearMem!
  • Supports Exclusions – Just in case you don’t want to purge RAM from certain programs!
  • Automatic Background RAM Clearing – Just set it and forget it!
  • Updated Frequently!
  • Full Customer Support!

System Requirements


    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processor: Any CPU
    • Memory: 150 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Any semi-modern GPU
    • Storage: 5 MB available space

    • OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
    • Processor: Any CPU
    • Memory: 150 MB RAM
    • Graphics: Any semi-modern GPU
    • Storage: 5 MB available space

Free Download ClearMem :: Free Up Your RAM

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